Tuesday, April 12, 2016


When I started this blog,I always wanted it to serve people,make people happy,solve a day's problem.
I just felt the serious need of sharing  my experience through the healing journey.
For me,categorizing art ,life ,healing could feel alienated.
Through a series of chapters in my life,I learnt "EVERYTHING IS TRULY CONNECTED WITHOUT A DOUBT"
What all seemed as different and confusing at first, started to shift its perspective meaningful into a defined form.
Only when this understanding comes,there opens a wide world which we never even saw.

As the favourite insightful Rumi quote says,
"When there is a  Ruin, there is a hope for treasure"
Behind every devastating ruin, you can find a deep silence that whispers the secret to life.
We have to be there,accept it to receive it.
My ruin led me to this treasure of knowledge called"Reiki".
Iam a person who is always looking onto searching the soul,searching the existence,finding the muse on spirituality relating it to science.
I had always had the spiritual gut,travelling and getting to know different knowledge and teachings and relating it to our existence.
Very truly,everything said the same.
The journey seemed very interesting,consoling,convincing,confusing and finally enlightening!
It was like feeling the big picture!!

Everybody asks,"There are so many healing ,why Reiki!?
I just gasp for a second!
I dont have an answer, "Its like the gift ,god dropped by my life"
I cant ask him, Why Reiki?
And importantly the gift said,P.S . To be used to multiply happier hearts!
I initially browsed,searched,wondered excitingly and then finally it ended me up to my lovely Reiki master near my home.
They always say, "It chooses you"!

Like the air we breathe in,is the life force which we cannot see but feel!
Reiki is the divine universal energy ,its how you use the energy!
Its how you see it,God/Angels or anything that feels good.
Make it a better world ,better fellowbeings rather destroy with negative vibes.
Love and light to all!!

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