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  "Hate is not conquered by hate. Hate is conquered by love.
    This law is eternal."

    - GAUTAMA BUDDHA (563-483 BC)

Relationships are the biggest assets  when nurtured with love, but the deepest downfall when nurtured with ego and hatred.
Even though a person has all the riches of the world, best clothes around the globe without a good relationship life seems void.
Dragons are fought, witches are slayed and the prince and the princess lived happily ever after!!!
Its always bright and glossy portrayed in the films and the famous feeling "Happily ever after" seems to bid goodbye after some years.
As healers we always know that love is the highest frequency that can heal anything in this world.
Even though we have a quick fix to our hearts, calling upon our dear angels and picking up our favourite crystal there seems to be a small emotion inside us worrying or constantly emitting a low energy.
So, from now on take a reiki pill.
Got a headache take a pill, got a fever take a pill, nutrient deficiency swallow some vitamins!!!
Aren't our minds so conditioned with confidence and positivity without a single doubt that our physical health would drastically improve when we take  a PILL (TECHNICALLY PRESCRIBED)
After waiting for several long hours in the hospital lounge and conversing the illness with the doctor we finally feel relieved mentally when we take the prescribed pills.
Not all of us studied chemistry like a geek!!:) We don't know the composition of the tablet, medical details concerning that, still we totally believe that it would relieve us from the illness.
Of course its true, as healers we believe reiki energy to be the life force(universal energy) that heals for the highest good.
So, why not try the reiki pill specifically customized for your relationships.
Am going to share with you a visualization and a creative technique that can really ease out all your pains away and envelope  your heart with firm faith and happiness.
A small surprise is, you can  make your own pill in whatever ratio needed.
What you need is very simple!!!
  •          A paper
  •          A quiet space for yourself
  •          Candles (pink/white/green)
  •          Photograph of your loved one/ both of you together/an object that has the memories of your loved one
  •          Pencil/Sketch pens/Crayons or whatever suits your super sketching skills
  •          And importantly, some patience, faith and calm mind.

Additional goodies
  •          Crystals
  •         Essential oils
  •          Flowers

      What is that you are lacking in your relationship!!? Acceptance, understanding or tolerance..!
·         Clearly find out your viral emotions that are letting you down and emitting the lack to the     universe.
·         Fill your pill completely with green light or pink light with a clear intention or you may also fill it up half with green light and the other half with pink or white light and state your intentions clearly and seal it off with Cho ku rei.
  Now your ready and set to rock your love life!!!
  I have provided you with an illustration below  of the whole process which would make it    
  easier for you to follow.            


  •          Place everything on your sacred altar or in a comfortable space.
  •          Light a pink /green/white coloured candle.
  •         Start with the powerful Cho Ku Rei by drawing it on four sides of the paper enveloping the heart.
  •          Draw the mental healing symbol Sei Hei Ki  on the two sides of the paper.
  •         Draw the distant healing symbol Hon Sha  Ze Sho Nen to connect with your loved one.
  •          You can draw archangel Raphael at the corner of the paper or use a printed image or card.
  •     Anything  focused on the heart makes it more harmonious and magnetic, so we are going to focus on both the heart of your loved one and yours.
  •          And finally draw  the heart of your loved one in the centre and cut open the heart(virtually) and place your reiki pill inside it.(Do it visually and draw the pill)
  •          You don't need to shy away from drawing a perfect heart, go on crazy with the flow!!!
  •          Your intention is more important than the perfect heart sketch or you can even download this image and use it as a template.
  •          Now place a small photograph of your loved one or a cute photograph of both of you or if you don't have one, you can use an object that has the energy of your happiest moments near the heart.
  •          You can place your favourite rose quartz or green aventurine  crystal  near the heart.
  •          Now call upon reiki with your usual prayers, reiki masters, ascended masters, spirit guides and the dear loving archangel Raphael.
  •          Invoke the symbols on the paper and state your intention clearly for the highest good of your relationship.
  •          Keep your hand over your heart, breathe deep and relax as well.
  •          Give reiki  till your heart desires and seal it off with a  big Cho Ku Rei.
  •          Express your deepest  gratitude and visualize the heart enclosed in a golden ball of energy.

You can also do it before your bedtime by visualizing the whole process.
Anytime you are under your low energy feeling with your loved ones,offer them a reiki pill.

“What is uttered from the heart alone, will win the hearts of others to your own.”
– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Have a blissful blessed life always!!! Love and light to all!!!
Thank you!!!!  Te Amo

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