Friday, October 7, 2016


"Your heart and my heart are very very old friends" - Hafiz


Everywhere, every single minute of our life holds a library of tiny stories filled with animated emotions of love, gratitude, anger, fear, worry!!!
We don't playback all of our stories, yet we consciously choose to replay some of the melodious happy stories!
Let me tell you a doodle story!!!

The scene opens up with a curious tension, first day of the ninth grade and the class teacher puts me up with a tiny short girl with a grin whom I never realized was my twin soul for life!
Kalai,she wasn't a heroine,but she was a tiny angel with a ninja attitude!
With tiny fights for bench space it grew to possessive fights!

The trail to our school was a dreamy, magical path filled with colorful, happy memories that pulls me back to the roots of school days filled with innocence and purity.
We walk along the shady silent streets along with my cycle drooling over the vibrant flowers, decorative lights hanging over the balcony sighing with a dream  running behind our minds living in a beautiful house fitted with our dreams.
The nook and corner of the streets were our  open air theatre talking about the worldly affairs,injustice,life,philosophy and ending with more of dreams created in our hearts.
Annual exams posed a tension and last minute reading to all, while we watched world cup matches, discussed it all over and got lost over Dhoni's shots.
Rainy days,colourful lanterns,princess talks,cricket,long trails were the happiness factors.

We were like the two sides of a coin, her attributes were brave and beautiful while I was kind and charming. Her first bravery witness happened when she a  knocked a bully's head with an observation book. BEWARE NO BULLIES!
The years rolled by and we departed with different career choices.
Everyday phone calls shrunk to weekend talks and meeting.
Different people, different environment grew around us making our weekend talks to monthly talks and birthday surprise meetings.
Temple tanks, pradakshina paths, terrace, water tank top was our meeting  venues under the beautiful starry night sky.
In a single call we shrunk our monthly college happenings to one hour talk and we both had a transitional phase.
Sometimes we felt there was a huge gap between us,things were not as we used to be in school still we continued hopefully on our paths.
The first important lesson we learnt was the yin and yang!
Our school memories were an abode of paradise whereas the transitional phase and the new life changes created a lot of upheavals and yang made its presence totally inside us.
As I was sensitive the effects threw me a long way down and its only at those times,she would emerge without a call for help.
Things which were complicated felt simple under her practical, but magical talks.
Life still started to roll by graciously with its  many tasks to unlock!
There came a time when I no longer shared much of my inner battle with her yet she would sense my pain and come to my rescue!
Her long talks shrunk to three words,"All is Well" and surprisingly ,that was what my heart wanted to hear and here ends my playback of a beautiful story with no end.

Inspirations,lessons learnt through life experiences, downfalls and pits, sensitive alarms,sudden gaps, all brought us to the trail where we started and dreamt .
The time I spent with her, dreams that I relished with her..are the plaster of paris :p for who am I now!!
And here is my well wisher,fairy,strong mirchi chatpata getting married to her charming prince!!
She will be there and always be there for me..Thank you my dear "Rapunzel"


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