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Stories have to be told or they die, and when they die, 

  we can't remember who we are or why we're here.

- Sue Monk Kidd

Everyday of our lives is filled with infinite stories. Under the fast pace of our lifestyle, we keep running behind big things forgetting the little things that make us happy.
Gone are the times of  storytelling where kids yearn for their bedtime stories everyday.
Smartphones and apps play the role of  making the kids sit under a roof glued to the phone.
Colgate-Palmolive (India) Ltd's new concept of launching the "Magical space adventure" is a beautiful initiative, which promises to revive the hidden art of storytelling  among the kids who are shut off from the magical world of growing up!

When Blogadda and Colgate had teamed up for the Share your #ColgateMagicalStories, it opened up a pool of opportunities for the bloggers to reconnect with their childhood, interact with the kids, imagine and create beautiful stories together, give them the opportunity of endlessly imagining characters and stories from their creative  minds.

Thanking them for a great initiative, when I received the three packs having the Magical space theme, I reached out to my neighbouring kids who were busy playing cricket.
When I narrated them with expressive gestures what they have to do, the two boys (Vineeth the elderly and Kiran the younger one) were both excited and shy. When I handed over them the package,their shyness flew away and they started to get excited completely , whispering among them and discussing about the space movies and cartoon episodes they had watched!
We sat in our backyard among the shady trees and lush green plants with the sun shining at us!
They rushed to their home and brought down all crafty glues,pens and cotton while I cut off a black circular base for them to start with!

With lots of giggles and excitement they started to cut off each character and talk about space aliens, Mars, the solar system and galaxies and also by reading aloud the narrated terms on the pack.
After halfenever, they came with a big story extracted from their creative subconscious memories of movies,cartoons,school chapters and activities!
They arranged the characters onto the base with earth on one side and galaxy/space on the other side and demarcated creatively with cotton clouds, plastic plants. 
The title and the plot of the story was agreed without any clash as MISSION TO MARS,as their dream was to go to mars when their teacher read about the CALL FOR APPLICANTS TO MISSION TO MARS from the newspaper during the library period!
Thus the "THE MAGICAL MISSION TO MARS" was ready to be shared and enacted!!!


Kiran was so exhausted after the long day in school writing assignments and working out math!(He hates math by the way!) He returns home with the most irritable mood and jumps onto his bed and dozes off.
When he woke up, he saw Roshni signalling him to come to Michael uncle's lab.
They both sneak into Robert uncle's space lab, their second home.
Robert Uncle had applied for the One way trip to mission to the red planet which made Kiran and Roshni very restless for quite a few weeks!
They somehow wanted to make their visit to the red planet to know if the planet is actually RED!
Uncle Robert has been answering all the questions arrowed by the kids, Is it really RED? They had been witnessing him prepare for the mission and educate the kids on the mission for many years, as a result their overenthusiastic hearts have wanted to go for the mission to mars.
While they sneaked inside the lab, their joy knew no bounds as Uncle was busy packing his bags for the mission as he was selected one among the many few who are to go on a ONE WAY trip to MARS!!!
They were very disappointed as kids are not permitted to apply to the mission and they could no longer see their favourite Uncle and his lab.
They decided to play a trick by trying out Uncle's Magic TINYTOT potion and become small and hide inside Uncle's bag.

The crew of the mission to Mars were gearing up for the big day and they
happily waved to their beautiful planet and got into the spacecraft.
After several months, the crew with Uncle Robert landed on Mars.
With immense happiness and overwhelming curiosity they got out of their spacecraft and started their explorations and research on Mars.
While this was happening, Uncle Robert had left his bag on the spacecraft and moved away with the crew to the other side of Mars for exploration.

Kiran and Roshni woke up from their very deep sleep and found themselves shocked to have reached Mars.
The naughty kids who played a trick by drinking up the potion and turning into a size of an ant had hid inside Uncle Robert's bag and had become asleep for months due to the effect of the potion.
Kiran, look we had landed onto Mars! exclaimed Roshni.
YES!! Is this true? Asked a shocked Kiran who could not  believe their achievement onto reaching Mars.
Roshni pulled up a potion from her trousers which said DRINK ME!
They both instantly drank it and found themselves returning to their normal height with their spacesuits on!

They both shouted in excitement "YES ITS REALLY A RED PLANET"!!!
They enjoyed their first space walking experience connected to the space station.
They could find no trace of the Mars crew and Uncle Robert, meanwhile Kiran
pointed at the space jet at a far off distance.
Kiran jumped off in his space suit crying out in joy reaching the space jet and asked Roshni to stay on their space station as he wanted to ride the space jet and feel like the awesome astronaut!
Roshni agreed as she was exhausted from the travel and assured to give him a signal when she is in need.
The high speed jet flew across the space in a second and vanished out of Roshni's eyes.
Kiran could no longer hold his excitement when he watched the whole solar system unfolding before his eyes.
He recorded all the footage as he passed through Saturn, Venus... Whoa look at the
magnificent rings!! he exclaimed in joy. 
Awww what's this sudden heat, am I in a burning oven, he said in despair as he looked beyond and found the powerful highest source of heat, THE SUN. Struggling to no longer go beyond, he jerked in a shock when the emergency signal came from Roshni.

Kiran was so nervous and filled with extreme anxiety when he saw Roshni aiming her gun at a tall slimy green creature. He landed on the surface of Mars and rushed off  in a Trover to reach them. OMG ,it's an Alien cried out  Kiran when he neared Roshni.
Roshni jumped into the trover and narrated the sighting of the alien with unexplainable fear.

Meanwhile the alien was nearing them , when all of a sudden a fiery comet approached in the direction of the alien. Kiran and Roshni averted the fiery comet with their machine guns and saved the alien. 

Vineeth and Kiran explaining in turns!!!

The alien was near their trover when they relaxed after the sudden events that took place. It bowed before them and spoke in a language they could not understand. Kiran took the translator machine invented by Robert uncle and translated it to Roshni.
It was thanking them for saving it and explained it was sent by its alien troop to research on Mars, while it spotted Roshni and mistook her as a dangerous element. Kiran and Roshni exchanged information about the Mars with the alien.

They inquired about Uncle Robert to the alien and it responded that it saw them few days ago researching on the surface of Mars.
While they were chatting with the alien, Roshni and Kiran realized it was time to go back to earth and show the footage to their parents and teachers as they had already missed their parents. That's when they realized, it was a mission of one way trip to mars and there was no going back. Haunted by those feelings , Kiran and Roshni asked the alien to help them reach their planet Earth and it happily accepted it. It took them to a magical spaceship and asked them to board it happily and marked the destination as Earth.

It also gave Kiran and Roshni a secret electronic chip that could be used to contact the alien .
Thus Kiran and Roshni bid a farewell to the alien and marched the Indian flag onto the surface of Mars to commemorate their magical mission to mars and thanked Uncle Robert heartily.
The next day Kiran and Roshni was the spotlight all over the world ,with interviews and news channel mobbing them.NASA approached them to work with them and awarded the honorary award to them! Joy knew no bounds for Kiran and Roshni but the math class never stopped annoying Kiran!!!

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