Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Wedding tale - An Art documentation of a beautiful wedding

When your bestie gets married like in a fairytale wedding , document with colours and surprise her !
Here is a new series full of stories from the beautiful wedding of Chetna and Vasanth, the lovely couple❤

She always dreamt of wearing the nine yards and grooming with a Temple jewellery and aandal kondai, Here she shimmered with the glow of AANDAL MOMENT! 💖

She adored Krishna day and night drowned into his ocean of love and radiance!
Here came her Krishna to tie the knots and immerse her into his love forever. ❤

Awaiting to welcome the lovely couple stands the golden themed stage with dangling florals and fairytale lighting in the Dwarakapuri hall. 
Simple and elegant decor with sassy curtains and glass beads was simply classy !

The Redcarpet Moment ❤
With the traditional Mridhangam and Nadaswaram playing around the air , here comes the majestic groom and the beautiful blushing bride walking pride inside the Dwarakapuri hall.
All eyes set on them , shutterbugs clicking around she holds his hand firmly and walks the hall.

.Rings of Love 💍💐 ❤
While their hearts interchanged unconditional love , he slid the ring onto her beautiful fingers and so did she with bundles of joy. They interchanged the Rings of love💍
She sits on her father's lap emotionally and the rituals begin. Kanyadhanam begins ...👸
His beloved princess is gifted for life to the groom under this ritual.
He takes a vow to give his beloved girl, a beautiful life of happiness and love !
And she looks at his eyes with affirming love❤

💜 Morsels of Love ❤
Relishing Kalyana Bhojanam served in banana leaf with varieties of dishes served with devotion and blessings of Lord Krishna! 

Fairytales do happen but not in a magical land where unicorns welcome you and fairies flutter around you.
Her fairytale revolved around Krishna, living a Krishna consciousness life forever! 
Wishes granted ! Her Krishna came with nerdy spectacles !💖
Her magical land was at the heart of Isckon temple !
And she married happily and lived happily ever after 🎉💍💐

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