Friday, September 25, 2015


It was on a hectic day in my college working towards preparing notes, checking on students designs, assigning test dates,question papers:p I got a call from my friend.
I barely could concentrate on her call while i heard some words like exhibition..Be ready!
After a deep long call along with our casual talks,i realized I had just 15 days to work on for a upcoming exhibition to be held for a kindergarten annual day function. 
She wanted me to do some products on Lord Krishna and the products would be a part of her booksale.
With the limited time,I could just think of  making something interesting and creative with variety of options to choose from.
Today, am gonna blog about two of those collection.


These are made with thin wooden strips symbolizing the namam on lord Vishnu's forehead.
The theme was blue with golden finish, completely handpainted and varnished with the chant "HARE KRSNA"at the bottom.
It could also be customized to key hanger and flexible enough to be used however one wants to.


This dreamy Radha lost in the enchanting  love of Krishna was however manifested in the artifact.
This was completely handpainted on the wooden strips which can be kept anywhere that your heart desires and am sure, the blessings will shower upon wherever it is.

The sides were also painted according to the colourful warm theme, and to your surprise you can find a quote best suited to make your day blissful.
Stay tuned on the coming week for the rest of the Krishna series.
Love and lights to all!!!

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