Thursday, October 1, 2015


The spiritual journey isn't so difficult,until you fall in love with it and express it through the forms u love to! 
It seeks you,indeed its true.

Today am gonna share with you one such experience,on my creative spiritual journey.
As a part of the exhibition,I had to make some time to do more products and also creative ones.
I bought some wooden sticks of about 10cms long and stared blindly for many days to start with it.
Finally sticking onto one idea,I decided to create three themes.
The common factor in all the themes,who remains unchanged  is Lord Krishna.

After the initial works with the wooden pieces ,each of the sides were designed to be aesthetically flexible.
One side had a mischevious Krishna with Sudhama, godly presence with  Meerabhai and the romantic lover with  Radha in each of the sticks.

Each of the sticks had a appropriate handwritten quote taken from Srimad Bhagavatham along with a peacock feather on one side.
So the choices can be made easy!
Pick one for your friend,you have Krishna and Sudhama.

It can be used in multiple ways.
Hang it up inside your car, your house niches or walls or the most simpler you can use it as a bookmark or just place it on your desk.
Go by your heart,place it wherever it needs to.

With so much hopes and high spirits I reached the exhibition venue after the busy college.
Like a small kid I remember showing my products and explaining it to all my lovely colleagues enthralled by the vibes.
It was an amazing event and before us were many other stalls selling jewellery,clothes and obviously food. 
Me and my friend arranged all our Krishna products, books and some goodies.
After a couple of shutterbugs :p we got in some visitors.
We had all kind of visitors mainly kids.
The only surprising visitor was a ten year old kid who inspected all my products with grace.
He asked me too many questions even an elder wouldn't ask.
What is it, what is the meaning,where is the quote from...!!
Very sweet of him to read out each tiny quotes and asked me the meaning.
The best compliment I got ever was from that tiny kido,saying me its very nice and very meaningful.
It became nearly late and close to the end of the function, and still none turned out to buy any of our products,not even a small frisbee of cost Rs.20 that attracted many kids.
Turning to my side I could see my friend equally disappointed,incase she had bought boxes of books and goodies.
End of the day we realized few things!!!
My friend gave out a spiritual perspective stating that  Krishna wanted her to experience even non-devotees .
When I saw the Krishna smiling in my wooden sticks,I felt greater peace and enlightment thinking of the kid's compliment which is harder to earn.
Yes Krishna even comes in a disguised form to compliment my work!!!
Love and lights to all :)

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