Monday, October 19, 2015


Navrathri festive is on!!!
Nine days of tribute and dedication to the divine goddess,celebrating the happiness and igniting our souls with the divine energy happens with the flow.
As a part of adding some creative energy to the eve,I wanted to create the Goddess Lakshmi in a new avatar.
Getting back the materials on board I started with the framework.

After browsing on many pictures of Lakshmi matha I decided to make her abstract and rest her golden feets on the divine lotus.

The final finished posture of the divine goddess with the symbolic golden coins flooding over the lotus petals.
As she was bored with her classic saree I decided to give her a retro makeover with a pulled back ponytail adorned with the golden throne.

Here we go, presenting the Goddess of Wealth and prosperity "LAKSHMI MATHA" blessing you all straight from your computer screen
Make a wish and chant,
                       "Om Hrim Shrim Lakshmibhyo Namah"

Have a blissful Navrathri!!!Love and lights to all :)

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