Tuesday, January 12, 2016



I always end up having the opportunity to create different art forms that convey a different meaning at the end of the creation.
Sometimes I wonder that am not sticking to one particular theme but the realization is worth the trial and beyond doubts.
I was given a task of converting a two dimensional poster to a three dimensional form but was given the freedom of the process.

This is the poster of the beautiful baby Krishna innocent and lovingly cared by his glorious mom Yashodha.
I decided to work with clay and started to accentuate the golden accessories and clothing.
It had the beautiful details of traditional ornaments, motifs,patterns on the saree that required the spotlight.

And also the landscape behind had the scope to work on as layers.
The beautiful tree which is closer and a distant temple and mountains far behind added more depth to the picture.

After the drying process,I started giving layers of colours and finished with a golden touch.
To bring up the glitz,I added up kundan stones that really brought up life to the elements.

And finally, the peacock feathers were made natural from real feathers available in market.

After deep coatings of final varnish, Baby Krishna got ready:)
It was framed and was ready to give up to the temple premises.
But miraculously the Lord wanted his own selection of home, It finally ended up being in a ardent devotee's arms.

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