Thursday, February 11, 2016


                         " Let the beauty of what you love be what you do."

                                                                                                               - Rumi

Lately I had been consciously feeling the energy hidden in this quote desperately!
Does everyone feel that someday..Wish I had done it before..Wish I had got that time!!?
What if its too late!!! Would we regret for it at a stage where we are physically and mentally drained out to carry on what we love to do!?
Well,sometimes due to the social and family background we night not boldly step on our dreams.
At a point where I felt strongly stagnant,the energy to do something I love kept knocking me down.So was the "UNDELIVERED LETTERS"born.

  • This page is all about inspiring,sharing ,motivating and spreading positive vibes through the untold stories from your heart.
  • Every single person has several undelivered stories to tell their loved ones,friends,family or even tiny happy moments that would motivate,inspire or be a solution to many of the other people.
  • And yes,you can also send in your problems and as a reiki healer I would be happy to illustrate the solutions for you!Lets blossom smiles through the stories you share,want to convey,want to be felt,want to get releived of !!!

Send in your stories/motivations/quotes/thoughts to me,and am here to deliver your undelivered letters to the right hearts through colours and vibrant energy!!!

!!P.S Returned with abundant love.

Follow the page, giving all your love and support.
Thank u!!!

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