Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Wedding tale - An Art documentation of a beautiful wedding

When your bestie gets married like in a fairytale wedding , document with colours and surprise her !
Here is a new series full of stories from the beautiful wedding of Chetna and Vasanth, the lovely couple❤

She always dreamt of wearing the nine yards and grooming with a Temple jewellery and aandal kondai, Here she shimmered with the glow of AANDAL MOMENT! 💖

She adored Krishna day and night drowned into his ocean of love and radiance!
Here came her Krishna to tie the knots and immerse her into his love forever. ❤

Awaiting to welcome the lovely couple stands the golden themed stage with dangling florals and fairytale lighting in the Dwarakapuri hall. 
Simple and elegant decor with sassy curtains and glass beads was simply classy !

The Redcarpet Moment ❤
With the traditional Mridhangam and Nadaswaram playing around the air , here comes the majestic groom and the beautiful blushing bride walking pride inside the Dwarakapuri hall.
All eyes set on them , shutterbugs clicking around she holds his hand firmly and walks the hall.

.Rings of Love 💍💐 ❤
While their hearts interchanged unconditional love , he slid the ring onto her beautiful fingers and so did she with bundles of joy. They interchanged the Rings of love💍
She sits on her father's lap emotionally and the rituals begin. Kanyadhanam begins ...👸
His beloved princess is gifted for life to the groom under this ritual.
He takes a vow to give his beloved girl, a beautiful life of happiness and love !
And she looks at his eyes with affirming love❤

💜 Morsels of Love ❤
Relishing Kalyana Bhojanam served in banana leaf with varieties of dishes served with devotion and blessings of Lord Krishna! 

Fairytales do happen but not in a magical land where unicorns welcome you and fairies flutter around you.
Her fairytale revolved around Krishna, living a Krishna consciousness life forever! 
Wishes granted ! Her Krishna came with nerdy spectacles !💖
Her magical land was at the heart of Isckon temple !
And she married happily and lived happily ever after 🎉💍💐

Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Inktober day 30 - Trails of Stardust 
What you seek is seeking you ,as Rumi rightly put down experiencing the universe! When you dream of something , the dream also seeks you by throwing down cues to finally achieve it.
Listening to my inner consciousness as it alarmed me that I'm close to my dream ,I looked out for cues with stubborn faith.
There laid a pathway of raw earth with the exciting cue leading to the climax of my dream . My heart felt a deep tranquil and my feet shimmered as I stepped onto the trails of stardust.
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Inktober day 29 - All you need is love 
Everything that you start with love has the potential of changing impossible to possible ,intangible to tangible and dreams to reality !! Love is the highest frequency one can vibrate with that attracts mammoth love in return. 
My heartbeat jerked in excitement when I saw the beautiful sign of love.
The whole universe welcomes me with love to experience my dream. The love the universe shows me is a reflection of my love given to myself accepting my journey of life despite all darkness.To make your dreams reality , all you need is love. 
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Inktober day 28 - The Wishing star ðŸŒŸ
"I wish" is a very magnetic phrase !
Be careful for what you wish as it may become true ,someday as it is!
Sometimes the joy of wishing seems void and hopeless when there is too much disappointments of dark phases. But what if you actually get what u wished for this time. It's always a pure bliss when the wish is granted after your faithful belief despite the darkness. I came through my stages of dark shades only to attain the eternal light and become one with it,and here I closed my eyes and with a hesitant gesture I wished for the experience of eternal oneness with the starry light upon the wishing star.
Dreams do come true surely if you wish upon the wishing star !!!
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Inktober day 27 - The moon catcher🌙
O Dreamcatcher ! Please give me the most beautiful dreams of flowers and stars prayed the tiny souls. Dreams gives us the pleasure of watching a play without any emotion towards it and solely watch it asleep. You don't need to react ,think or worry , just lie down and watch the surprise play unattached. Sometimes you float merrily , sometimes startle from the chasing snakes and tigers. Up above me was the beautiful knit Dreamcatcher flowing gently through the breeze saving me from the bad dreams. It gave me the glimpse of my final journey , jerking me out of the sleep with happiness. With the breezy Dreamcatcher , I saw glimpses of the pure white charming moon and I caught her into the moon catcher ðŸŒ™
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Inktober day 26 - In the lap of Love ðŸŒ¿

With cluttered minds , piled up questions of future , unresolved chapters of past tingling around and gadgets curbing the contemplative hours there was never a good night of sleep. With my legs yearning to rest down , I laid myself on the bed of leaves among the stardust land. My eyes dozed off without any distraction ,my mind went void of thoughts and my heart beated happily with love with the stars waving me a goooood night sleep. With the warm leaves cuddling me around I slept in the lap of love.💖
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Inktober day 25 - Trunk of memories🌿

Intense or happiness, whenever you play it on your head and recreate the scene you either build your love or hatredness, those are the power of memories.
Under the thunderstorms, scorching heat they have witnessed all the cycle of life and death standing tall and firm. TREES, the beautiful creation of the source are the library of all the souls. I embraced them and touched their body of library engulfing all the memories of life. Beneath the starlit sky waiting to unfold all the memories, stood the high trunk of memories.
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