Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Here is the Rapunzel.....

Doll making is an another great creative field of interest to me that i accidentally bumped upon!
It so happened , i got some air dry clay and was experimenting to make a memorable gift for my lovely best buddy.
From our childhood, we believed in fairy tales and yes even now we do!
She was theoretically called as rapunzel and so,i wanted to make a rapunzel doll for her.
Here are the few advantages and precautions while using air dry clay.
Air dry clay is super easy to work upon, you can mould to any shapes and work on details.
You  just need to bind it with water and let it dry!
No kiln process needed,which is definitely a boon.
Only precaution is to never leave your left over airdry clay exposed to air.
It becomes super hardened when exposed to air!!

                                       After hardening,the princess is ready for the day!!

                                               Here is the Rapunzel ,all set for the ball

Basking out in the sun!!!

In the castle!!!

So folks,experiment with all you can!!!

And ofcourse my rapunzel loved her avatar the most!!!
Love and lights to all!!!

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