Thursday, August 27, 2015


After working on the colourful antique cloth hanger, its vibes seems to catch up everyone who admires it!
So was Samyucktha, trapped by its positive vibes.
A good friend of mine , she wanted me to paint her  old book rack in the same way as the cloth hanger.
At first i had no idea what it would be like, but when i saw the book rack it totally kickstarted my creativity.
It had its own features and great wooden carved designs.
In a single word "ETHNIC"

I was so conscious starting up with it, as it had its own beautiful designs and carvings.
Anything that we work on it shouldn't spoil its earlier grace.
And so, i asked her about her interests and that's when the interest evolved to an concept.
As her family has a common passion for books and reading, she also fell under that branch.
At  that time,her favourite book series was the "SHIVA TRILOGY" by Amish.

So the bell ringed at my heart !!!
I started the work by reading the series completely and yes i travelled into the deep tales of Mahadev becoming enlightened.
The idea was to put the storyline onto the bookrack.
There were two flaps that can be folded when needed, and the base can be slided enough to create the length needed.
Perfectly designed in wood and flexible.
The book rack was conceptualized as a book within itself.
According to the plot of the series the main characters are,
Shiva , Sati , Ganesha and Kali.
The front flaps was dedicated to Shiva and Sati while the rear side was adorned with Ganesha and Kali.

Each of the sides took a lot of thinking and many elements were needed to describe the character.
One of the best part that i loved was finding some appropriate verses from the book
and wrote it in the silhouette of the character describing it as Sati!
I depicted the silhouette as Sati praying on Mahadev filled with water world and peacocks on either side.

Next was Lord Shiva the NEELKANTH!
I conceptualized him with a blue  shimmering silhouette, at the backdrop of handwritten book verses.
Beneath him is the Ganga matha flowing under the lord's glory, serpents around.
The majestic mystic symbol Aum on both the sides,which plays the most important role in the book.
And never can one forget Nandi dev and he adornes the bottom edge.

What took me by awe is the way the flaps were carved and the way the elements matched perfectly to it!
The ganges, elephants and the serpents looked as though it was meant to come up on this bookrack.

Kali matha, the most powerful goddess was conceptualized with the iconic silhouette of four hands and skulls  beaded around her neck.
It represents the dark world of Nagas according to the plot.
Serpents and heads of humans fitted perfect onto the design.
Abstract tiger at her feet and the powerful mantra, OM NAMA SHIVAYA at the end completes it.

Ganesha the saviour , with the elephant head and a human body was conceptualized abstract with his vehicle mouse.
Elephants adorning him with flowers, he showers his blessings!!!

The base of the book rack was designed with the important landmark Meluha.
Map of meluha on one side  and the symbols and artifacts collected  from the Indus valley civilization
covers the rest of the base.

 Here is the completed book rack fitted all together ready to tell its story.

This was one of the detailed and large scale handpainted wooden antique i had the blessing to work on!!
Not without the Neelkanth's blessings.

Love and lights to all!!!

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