Sunday, October 22, 2017


Inktober day 17 - The deciphered sign
Look around for signs everywhere !
Like a scavenger hunt , I went through the dark pathways guided by the starlight looking for that destined route.
Suddenly the pathway ended onto a blunt deep foliage which looked like a perforated wall. When I shifted my attention on taking a different direction , the seducing moon moved and stole my gaze towards her in a hypnotic manner guiding me to decipher the riddle. When I looked beyond the foliage, appeared the illusionary silhouettes of starlit butterfly shaped vegetation and before I could move my eyes in awe, there was a big giant shimmering butterfly shaped foliage inviting me to step beyond giving me the glimpse of other side ,and there I stood like a proud sherlock as I entered into the deciphered sign.
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