Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Inktober day 24 - Dandelions of Stardust

Can you carry your lightest backpack and live for a day fully without the slightest discomfort , if you wonder how silly that can be why do you have to carry the heaviest past baggage forever over your back and fret over it. After a mile of walk ,there came a view of floating stardust above the ground. I picked the dandelions and wondered how light and breezy it was ! I decided to become light and puffed all my past baggage into my mouth and blew the dandelions. Out there flew my resentments, guilt ,hurt and the baggage of heavy emotions with the dandelions and filled me with stardust. I became light and airy as they flew beyond my sight leaving a trail of life inside me .They are the Dandelions of stardust.
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