Tuesday, October 3, 2017


Inktober day 3 - Journey to the Infinite 💖
Every journey has a destination to end upon, and the process through the journey is always created inside our minds with a lot of hypothetical fears and hallucinations.
I took my first step ,but the thought of what next inside an world of unknown realm creeped me hindering the joy I experienced before. Beyond me lied a huge natural bridge ,it could lead me to a darkened realm or a world of light. All I can see is the seducing stars beaming high up and spreading it's star dust contagiously on me. I chose to move ahead , as I realised it's not the destination ,it's the journey that will transform me to the infinite destination. What matters is the unknown path beyond which will unfold endless unseen realms and experiences. The alchemist beamed again from the distant skies as I moved onto the Journey to the Infinite.
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