Monday, October 23, 2017


Inktober day 24 - The eternal possession 
It's your pride ,sense of personal dignity, your blood and heart tied up to its roots , 
with eyes hypnotized and you term it as POSSESSION.
Standing under the starry sky everything silenced and it was just my curious soul in the middle of the forest staring at the sky. With a dramatic air around ,she breezed through in front of me leaving me in awe. With words lost over my tongue , I made gestures of immense ecstasy and stood hypnotized over her seductive presence. She was deep , mysterious ,motherly and communicated over my eyes. I swiftly took immense advantage of this conversation and engraved my ownership over her on the dark sky with the stars as the evidence quoting , SHE IS MINE. And yes ,she is my eternal possession.
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